Save the last dance

Mayor Oscar Goodman practices his moves with partner Dana Delgado.

The only season of Dancing With the Stars I watched was the one with comedian Adam Carolla, and only then because I wanted to see such an unconventional personality clash with such a conventional show. Carolla was a short-lived riot, but I saw enough of the show to realize that some people have no business on a dance floor.

I get the same feeling in my gut from the upcoming Dancing With the Las Vegas Stars—it could either be one of the most entertaining events to grace Sin City in some time or a complete and utter disaster. Either way, how can you not want to watch Oscar Goodman trip the light fantastic—or just simply trip—while judges Robin Leach and Frank Marino rip into his fancy moves? And hey, it’s all for charities that support cancer patients, so even if there’s not a decent dancer in the bunch, everybody wins.

The Details

Dancing with the Las Vegas Stars
April 19, 2 p.m., $50, 21+.
Rain Nightclub, 871-7333.

Oscar will be joined by former boxing champ Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, Zowie Bowie member Chris Phillips and other local celebs. Alongside Leach and Marino, judges include comedian Louie Anderson and professional ballroom dancer Tony Delgado. Unlike on ABC’s hit show, everyone only dances once, and their charities earn a portion of the prize money depending upon their final rankings.

Lance Burton will oversee the melee, and to give the show a little more of a Dancing With the Stars flavor, the winner will be decided by public vote—each ballot costs a buck, which goes directly to charity. If can’t make the show, you can still vote at dancingwiththelasvegasstars.com through 3 p.m. April 17.

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