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Three questions with Bob Saget

Illustration: Chris Morris

It's been three years since That Ain't Right debuted on HBO. Are you actively working toward a new comedy special?

Yes I am. A lot of the material feels like it's kind of cleaned itself up a bit. A few less expletives. Don Rickles came over to me once, grabbed me by the ear, hugged me and said, "I watched your special. It was wonderful, but you left out two 'fucks.'" I'm telling more stories, and I do about a half-hour of music.

Next year will mark the end of Entourage. How would you like to see the show go out?

I'm proud to be a part of something that does represent show business. It's a lot of wannabes and a lot of people who have success but don't have a lot of empathy for other people. What's so interesting about the show is they call everybody out on that. I don't know how you outdo what they've done. I know it's supposedly the last season, but there's also talk of a movie. But I'm like the family dog over there; I never know what's going on.

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Bob Saget
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As a guy who hosted America's Funniest Home Videos for eight years, what types of Internet videos actually make you laugh?

Daniel Tosh does a show [Comedy Central's Tosh.0] very much like the original show. He's a funny guy, very charming with what he's doing and how he's doing it. And Tom Bergeron does a nice job with the old video show, which I still can't believe has the legs it's had. It just won't go away, which is a good thing. Now it's a new generation filming grandma falling off the riding mower. Get that on tape at home, send it to YouTube and you'll wind up on television. It's a much lower-overhead way of doing it than we used to. Just download your grandma's foibles.


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