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Director creates ‘futuristic dystopian society’ in new Black Boots video

Photo: Sequoia Emmanuel
Jason Harris

Orwellian. In one word, that’s the world Black Boots have created in their new music video for “Flash of Light.”

Black Boots' Flash of Light - from YouTube.com

As director Jeremy Cloe puts it, “The video tells the story of one member of the Black Boots movement who is captured and contained in a laboratory in an attempt to erase his memory and regain control of his thoughts in accordance with the repressive rules of this futuristic dystopian society.” So yeah, it’s a bit different than the average Lil Wayne video.

“Flash” was shot over two days in Las Vegas, mostly at Light Forge Studios, which was turned into an underground lab. It’s not necessarily a continuation of the first video Black Boots—the Vegas EDM duo featuring Pedi Amiri and Mikey Francis—put out for “Rebels in the Night” but, “a separate story that takes place in the same world,” Cloe says.

Cloe and Francis have been working together since Francis was a member of Afghan Raiders. Originally, Cloe says, the goal was to make a short film with samples from the entire Black Boots album, but when the band signed with Ultra Music, the label decided to release videos for all the singles instead.

As for the man-versus-society theme, expect more of it as Black Boots and Cloe are teaming up for more videos in the not-so dystopian future.


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