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Neon Reverb report: Wednesday kickoff at the Bunkhouse

Savannah, Georgia’s Cusses played the Bunkhouse Wednesday night.
Leslie Ventura

The Bunkhouse might be the emptiest I’ve seen it when I arrive around 10:30 p.m. The only time I’ve ever seen it deader in here is during daylight (yes, it’s open during the day).

First up are local alt-rockers Red Abbey, a change of pace from the indie sounds Neon Reverb is best known for. And the schedule? It’s already running way behind, but festival organizer Jason Aragon doesn’t seem worried. Starting on a Wednesday gives him the chance to work out the kinks before the real crowds arrive.

Red Abbey finishes with only a few people watching. And then another Vegas band, The Marquees, takes the stage. The trio has a greaser look and a sound more fitting for this bar, with post-punk, new wave vibes. Still, the place remains empty, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change.

After a short but sweet set and a scheduling switch-up, headlining Cusses out of Savannah, Georgia, take the stage. Opening, ironically, with “The Wait Is Over,” singer Angel Bond jumps right into a powerfully energetic set. Kudos to Bond, who, despite the lack of heads, sings with the same excitement and fire you’d expect for a sold-out performance.

From her jumpy, erratic dancing to her skin-tight leggings and old-school red Adidas, Bond makes an okay-sounding band (think: The Von Bondies, circa 2006) way more interesting.


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