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Spend a night with a scream queen


Rachel Grubb has been acting since only 2006, but she already has racked up more than 30 credits on her IMDb page, including roles in such films as Terror Overload, Camp Kill and Strip Club Slasher. She's been dubbed "horror's answer to Bettie Page" by, and is part of a scene of indie "scream queens" — women who aren't likely to be familiar to mainstream filmgoers but can draw crowds at horror conventions and festivals.


An Evening With Rachel Grubb
March 26, 8 p.m., $5.
Sci Fi Center, 2520 State St., 792-4335.

The Minnesota-based Grubb still works a day job, but that hasn't slowed her prolific career. With fellow indie horror star Brooke Lemke, Grubb started Silent-But-Deadly Productions, a company dedicated to promoting the work of women in independent film. SBD's first feature was Grubb's 2009 writing and directing debut, Why Am I in a Box?, a mix of comedy and horror starring Grubb as a kidnapped novelist.

Grubb and Box co-star Lisa Pechmiller will be in Vegas to screen the film at the Sci Fi Center, along with trailers from some of Grubb's recent and upcoming films; they'll also host a Q&A and autograph signing. The event is the first at the Sci Fi Center presented by local filmmaker Chad Clinton Freeman's PollyGrind Presents, which promises more grindhouse-style screenings, including a film festival in May — by which time Rachel Grubb may have made a dozen more movies.


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