Life Is Beautiful’s mural program could make a long-term impact

D*face and his assistant Boots work on a mural for the Life Is Beautiful festival.
Photo: Bill Hughes

“Within a very contained space, you’re going to see a very different Downtown,” says Life Is Beautiful founder and CEO Rehan Choudhry, talking about the giant murals that will cover walls several stories high by the time this weekend’s festival wraps. “The idea is to be a destination. We want to see Las Vegas get on the map worldwide.”

Life Is Beautiful Murals

Looking at the layout for the Rise Above street-art project, there’s no questioning the ambition. Artists are painting works on more than a dozen Downtown walls, mostly abandoned motels and hotels, the Container Park and a few businesses.

Choudhry says the project, curated by Charlotte Dutoit, who heads an interior design firm in Puerto Rico, is designed to reflect the music festival’s “inspirational” message. Its artists include Zio Ziegler, D*Face, Ana Maria, Doze Green and the Stencil Network. “We’re looking at what kind of art impact we want to make on the community and the world long term,” Choudhry says. “We want the community to be more prideful of Downtown, and that begins with what you see. We believe people will be talking about this for years to come.”

As for whether the buildings will stick around for years to come or eventually be torn down, Choudhry says, “The idea is that we put so much focus on it that we keep it from happening.”

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