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Chatting with Frontier Ruckus banjoist David Jones

Scones and phones: Jones (far left) spills his guts.
Sean Cook
Chris Bitonti

What are your expectations of your first Las Vegas show?

I’m excited. It’s a free show and it’s outdoors, so I hope it’s gonna be a great show. I always have this picture in my mind of how a show is going to turn out and I’m always wrong, so I really don’t know what to expect.

Since you guys tour so much, which city/state/country has the best road food?


Maryland Parkway Music Festival
September 2-4, times vary, free.
Stages at Huntridge Circle Park, Sam Ash Music and the corner of Harmon Ave. & Maryland Pkwy.
Beyond the Weekly
Official festival site

In the past we’ve done more fast food, but we’ve been trying to stay away from that [lately]. We prefer local restaurants and hidden gems. There’s this one place in Boise, Idaho, called Merritt’s Country Cafe that calls itself the “Home of the Scones”—the scone is basically deep-fried dough slathered in gravy. It’s the most decadent, unhealthy and delicious meal.

The band has said that its most recent songs have a reoccurring theme of “obsolete technological devices and their implied emotional baggage.” What does that mean?

(Laughs) I think we’re going through a ’90s nostalgia kick—large TV remotes, big portable phones with big antennas, those sorts of things—because they stack up and gather the same way memories do. In the past our songs have generally been about growing up in Metro Detroit, and I think these songs have been more focused on our individual lives and memories.


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