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Five thoughts on Atlas Genius’ October 31 show at House of Blues

Jason Harris

1. The Australian foursome is in that tough position—big enough to draw at a venue the size of House of Blues, but would it have been better to pack a full house into Beauty Bar or Triple B instead? The crowd is solid, but not as big as those often found at HOB.

2. What Atlas Genius does as well as any current indie rock band is build the progression of its songs. Every note connects seamlessly to the next. The guitar riffs courtesy of frontman Keith Jeffrey enhance whatever else is going on, and it’s a delight to witness how a song journeys from beginning to end. “If So,” “Symptoms” and “Electric” all just keep going up the ladder.

3. Halloween costumes we don’t need to see anymore: Mario and Luigi, Waldo, women in wife-beaters and fake mustaches. Just go as Fonzie next year, because you’ve already jumped the shark.

4. I often find instrumental intros not found on recorded versions of tracks ostentatious and without purpose. Not so with AG. These are the perfect appetizers before the meat—well thought-out and complimentary in context with the bigger picture. This band is impressive.

5. Hit song “Trojans” takes on an energy all its own with that catchy guitar hook expanded upon by the entire band, giving it a fuller sound and making it a more exciting/less predictable way to close the show.


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  • Very few bands have the ability to seduce listeners as powerfully as this 12-member “little orchestra.”

  • Think classic but updated progressive house that only flirts with the serotonin spikes of trance.

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