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The Weekly Playlist: Vegas tracks to hear right now

Beta Bomb
Photo: Corlene Byrd

Beta Bomb, “Oh My, Oh No” “Is that sickness in your brain?” TJ Fogarty asks on “Oh My, Oh No,” before baring his teeth on the dreary, grunge-rock anthem. File this next to your Ty Segall favorites.

A Crowd of Small Adventures, “Ruby Rose” Indie stalwart Jackson Wilcox worked up this mini-epic for local author Jessie Humphries’ young adult novel, Killing Ruby Rose. It’s free for a limited time, so get it while you can.

Leather Lungs, “Ice Queen” The garage-punk group named its EP after a sex act—and a raunchy one at that. If you like your music dirty and with no f*cks given, this one’s for you.


Shamir, “I Know It’s a Good Thing” This 19-year-old caught us off-guard with his silky vocals, lo-fi beats and fabulous disco-flavored soul. Keep an eye out for him; he just might be the next big thing.

Mercy Music, “Repeat” Brendan Scholz (see Page 15) readies his pop-punk prowess for the big leagues. It’s just fierce enough to appease his heavy fans, too.

The Perks, “Criminal” The Henderson group joins the ranks of funky locals GoldBoot and Kid Meets Cougar with a feel-good tune perfect for any dancefloor.


Illicitor, “City of Gold” Ex-HOTS men Zabi Naqshband and Bob Gates blend punk-rock ethos with Western flair on this first track from their new project, which has us impatiently waiting for more.

Mother McKenzie, “Sunday Pornography or Feed Me Your Irish Curse” Wyatt McKenzie doesn’t need to convince people to listen to him—he commands attention. Like a morning cigarette, “Pornography” is a nice, slow burn.

No Red Alice, “Saint Josephine” Jets to Brazil and the Mr. T Experience come to mind listening to Sal Giordano’s solo project, which finds The Core guitarist bleeding ’90s punk.

Sweetest Morphine, “Dreamin’ Away the Day” The recording might be shoddy, but just like Las Vegas, it’s the dark, shoegazey dream underneath it that demands your attention.

Photo of Leslie Ventura

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