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North Las Vegas police officer arrested on credit-card fraud charges also had expired driver’s license and was using a stolen license plate. Note to future criminals: If you’re fraudulently using a credit card, at LEAST use it to renew your driver’s license and get some new plates!

Las Vegas housing supply hits three-year low. It’s not that more homes are selling—they’re just being given away free when you super-size.

Local governments spent $3.2 million of public money lobbying the Nevada Legislature this year. Yep, we can’t give our kids a decent education, but at least our lobbyists are safe.

Realtor: Michael Jackson had planned to move into Neverland-style mansion in Las Vegas. Only here it was going to be called “Nevergetyourmoneyback.”

Las Vegas Sands stock enjoys first week of positive gains in months. Sheldon Adelson celebrated by filling up with premium unleaded.

Donny and Marie working on first album in 31 years. They had to slightly update it for the times—now he’s a little bit thrash metal, she’s a little bit riot grrrl.

Daughter of crime boss Sam Giancana also planning mob museum in Las Vegas. Two competing mob museums. A city built on vice. What could possibly go wrong?


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