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Unemployment rate in Clark County drops from 13.9 percent to 13 percent. Thanks to the county reclassifying “alcoholic” as a job title.

After announcing that 19 city workers will be laid off, Mayor Oscar Goodman says, “Morale can’t be good.”But, he added, a new city hall would sure make him feel better.

Politico report: Attorney General Eric Holder made sure he and John Ensign did not attend the same event in Las Vegas last month. And a good thing, too, since they were also wearing the same suit, avoiding what would have been an even more awkward moment.

NV Energy reports a 17 percent increase in the number of power shutoffs to homes. We would speculate that those were homes of jobless people who can’t find employment, but we don’t want to stretch credulity.

Rod Stewart sued by lawyers over, among other things, a canceled Las Vegas concert. We bought his last CD. Can we join that suit?

Manny Pacquiao’s Las Vegas fight draws pay-per-view audience of 1.25 million. It would have been more, but a lot of Las Vegas homes had their power shut off.

Impressionist Frank Caliendo to host NASCAR banquet. It makes sense—it’s the only place where his George W. Bush impression will get a laugh.

Las Vegas home prices continue to stabilize.That’s because it’s tough to go below zero dollars.


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