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Las Vegas Police hold planning seminar for neighborhoods facing rising crime due to foreclosures. Criminals hoping for empty homes were very appreciative of the heads-up.

Harry Reid spokesman says the senator wasn’t being serious when he told the Review-Journal, “I hope you go out of business.” Just like when he told his constituency, “I hope we reform health care in a meaningful way.”

Mayor Oscar Goodman renews wedding vows. Hey, the guy’s happily married—plus, he discovered that term limits apply to his marriage, too.

Heidi Fleiss opening The Dirty Dog pet grooming business in Las Vegas. She considered naming it Pimp My Pet, but thought people would get the wrong idea.

Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton to be auctioned at Venetian. We’re tempted to make an old bones and Jim Gibbons joke, but we’ll refrain.

Chicago man claims he was stranded in Las Vegas after airline told him he was too large to fly. Actually, it’s part of Las Vegas’ plan to keep visitors just a little bit longer.

Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel buys Michael Jackson’s glove for $57,600 at auction. Oh, the stories that glove could tell. On second thought ...


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