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Looks, rants and predictions from the MAGIC tradeshow floor

Jenifer Lee
Photo: Justin M. Bowen

Jenifer Lee 29, account executive, Los Angeles

What you’re wearing: Fedora, Urban Outfitters; Cream silk top, Black; Vintage jean shorts and an old pair of crocheted tights; Black suede boots, Dolce Vita; Jewelry, purchased at Soho in downtown Los Angeles.

Trends you expect to see on the MAGIC tradeshow floor: “For the fall, furs, jewels, lots of prints and chiffon—kind of an ode to the 1920s.”

Jason Parks 23, sales rep for Black, Los Angeles

What you’re wearing: Military ankle boots, J.C.’s; Silver sequined blazer, Black; White shorts, H&M; Black T-shirt, Top Shop; Tiger medallion, purchased at a vintage boutique in Los Angeles.

Most striking thing you’ve seen on the show floor: “Bedazzled jeans. They’re striking, but not in a good way.”

Nicola Loewen 22, owner of Mad About Style boutique, Winnipeg

What you’re wearing: Cream ruffled blouse and army green shorts, Jacob; Sandals, Chinese Laundry; Bag, Mad About Style.

Trend you’re sick of: “I’m kind of done with lace. I’m over the whole lingerie look.”

Michael Lee 41, owner of A Style Concierge salon and boutique, San Diego

What you’re wearing: Kale green khakis, Zara; Sweater vest, Heritage 1981; Shoes, Urban Outfitters.

Most striking thing you’ve seen on the show floor: “Desigual is doing some really interesting things with men’s jeans. They sew together the tops of two pairs of jeans. It’s a saggy, baggy alternative to skinny jeans.”

Christine Visnjak, 28, owner of Muse boutique, Vancouver

What you're wearing: Floral printed dress, Vero Moda; sandals, Tory Burch; bag, Yves Saint Laurent.

Most striking thing you’ve seen on the show floor: “Longer, more casual clothing, like silk tops that you can wear over skinny jeans with boots.”

Daniel Winchester, 32, fashion designer and marketer, New York City

What you’re wearing: Black button-down, Dior; red v-neck sweater, J. Lindeberg; jeans, DSquared.

Trends you expect to see on the MAGIC show floor: “Designers going back to the classics, but still staying edgy. We’re coming out of the recession, and designers are going to be taking more risks. I think we are going to see lots of embellishments, but still clean designs.”

Photos by Justin M. Bowen
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