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As We See It

The future chronology of politicians on the Strip

What if Bill Clinton at the Colosseum is just the beginning?

Illustration: Ryan Olbrysh

February 22: Bill Clinton headlines the Colosseum at Caesars Palace for a speech titled “embracing our Common Humanity.”

April 6: Sarah Palin appears at Caesars to keynote the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America convention.

May: At the Excalibur, John Ensign guest-stars in Defending the Caveman.

July: Rudy Giuliani begrudgingly takes a one-time, guest-starring role in Divas Las Vegas. (He wanted a permanent spot, even offering to bring his own wardrobe.)

August: Mitt Romney accepts, then immediately declines, a role in Thunder From Down Under, after learning it’s not, after all, about Australian NASCAR.

September: John Edwards guest-stars in Defending the Caveman.

November 5: Jim Gibbons begins exciting new chapter in life: “Welcome to Hooters Casino, sir and ma’am!”

December: South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford guest-stars in Defending the Caveman.

January, 2011: Harry Reid joins Blue Man Group for one memorable performance—Blue Men don’t talk.

March 17, 2011: Lucky patron wins Dennis Kucinich in O’Shea’s leprechaun giveaway.

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