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Thinking about Shirley Sherrod, ninjas and more

Criss Angel and his wax figure at Madame Tussauds in The Venetian.

What? Kids drink? Metro has launched a teen-party patrol that tracks down groups of drinking kids—won’t someone turn this into a reality show? — Abigail Goldman, staff writer

Basterds I imagine a Fox News boss pep-talking the “news” room a few years ago, patiently explaining the channel’s mission, like Brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds: “Each one a you will get me 100 lib’ral scalps.” Thus the channel’s role in the appalling Shirley Sherrod incident. — Scott Dickensheets, editor

That’s right. Ninjas. Just when it seems Brandon Flowers may take himself too seriously, the video for solo song “Crossfire” debuts, trading in his Killers band mates for über celeb Charlize Theron. And ninjas. — Laura Davis, listings editor

Status update If I had a dollar for every fake Criss Angel profile on Facebook, I’d be able to afford a Rum & Diet at SKYBAR. — Rick Lax, staff writer

A useful place The great thing about the Winchester Cultural Center is the concerts and recitals unlikely to be booked elsewhere. This Saturday, it’s the Bishr Hijazi Arab Quartet, playing contemporary music by Arab composers. Give it a try. — Kristen Peterson, staff writer


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