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The facilities at the Double Down Saloon
Photo: Leila Navidi

Double parking At the Double Down, that is. A new contract allows the saloon to use the neighboring lot on weekends, making the trek for ass juice that much shorter. - Laura Davis, calendar editor

Grad deflation Sure, Nevada’s graduation rate blows; worst in the U.S. But here’s a factor: Kids who leave town are counted as not finishing school if the district doesn’t learn where they go. In a transient place like this, that’s a significant number. - Scott Dickensheets, editor

Soccer blowhards With all the kvetching about soccer vuvuzelas, you’d think South African crowds were using them to shoot poisonous darts. Me, I’m starting to dig that buzzing sound—or at least the reaction it’s stirring up. - Spencer Patterson, A&E editor

Game drain Casinos across the country are putting a stop to free booze for gamblers. Can I offer Las Vegas resorts a word of advice? Don’t. - Ken Miller, contributing editor

Street scene Google Street View photo-mapped cities everywhere, sometimes unintentionally capturing weird moments. In Vegas, Street View snapped a mobile billboard advertising escorts—girls direct to your room, just frozen online. - Abigail Goldman, staff writer


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