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Thinking about last week’s cover, Dirk Arthur’s guarantee and more

Albert Watson

Big miscue Hey, CityLife, did you not get the memo? The third week of November obviously calls for an Albert Watson cover story ... — Mark Adams, listings coordinator

List fatigue Vegas ranks 76th on a new list of most dangerous U.S. cities. This, a month after a website claimed we have three of the 10 most violent ’hoods. The U.S. Conference of Mayors has called for an end to this “premeditated statistical mugging of America’s cities.” Amen. — John P. McDonnall, copy editor

Pop turkey While pondering my Thanksgiving menu between songs during Saturday’s A Perfect Circle concert, it occurred to me that they should put out a cookbook called Mer de Nom Noms. — Allison Duck, web calendar editor

One easy payment Dirk Arthur recently announced that he’s offering a money-back guarantee for guests who aren’t satisfied by his big cat and magic show, Wild Magic. Throw in a free Snuggie and we’re there. — Sarah Feldberg, editor

Parting shot So now Sharron Angle is saying she lost because voters in urban areas “have more of a disconnect” from the issues. Gee, kinda like how Tea Party candidates have more of a disconnect from reality? — Ken Miller, associate editor

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Sarah Feldberg

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Ken Miller is Las Vegas Magazine's managing editor, having previously served as associate editor at Las Vegas Weekly, assistant features ...

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