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Shape up, Floyd Mayweather!

Photo: Chris Morris

Las Vegas has certainly not wanted for its share of controversial boxers. From Sonny Liston’s mysterious death in 1970 (a supposed heroin overdose) to Mike Tyson’s clashes with the law, Sin City seems to be a haven for pugilists with demons. How else to explain Floyd Mayweather’s precipitous fall from grace? He’s arguably boxing’s most talented fighter, brilliant in the ring—the only controversy he’s generated there is how he continues to dodge a fight with Manny Pacquiao—but out of the ring, his life is an absolute disaster. Mayweather has a history of run-ins with the law—misdemeanor battery in 2002, misdemeanor assault and battery in 2005—but it reached a fever pitch in 2010, culminating in a pair of arrests, the first for allegedly hitting and threatening his ex-girlfriend, the second for allegedly battering a security guard. He also appears intent on being a TMZ regular—spewing racist rants at Pacquiao and, most recently, screaming at a security guard when asked for ID before entering his gated community. Mayweather’s always had an edge to him—hell, it’s all but expected in fighters, especially ones with the skill to back up their braggadocio—but enough is enough, man. Make a New Year’s resolution to dazzle us in the ring and leave the train-wreck lifestyle to Lindsay Lohan.

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