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Tony Hsieh’s takes Downtown development to the friendly skies with JetSuite

The Zappos CEO invested $7 million in the Southern California-based private jet company.
Illustration: Ryan Olbrysh

Tony Hsieh is certainly becoming Downtown Las Vegas’ biggest booster. Not only is he moving Zappos’ headquarters into the soon-to-be vacated City Hall building (landing a slew of highly innovative employees in the urban core), he’s one of five investors who bought the First Friday Las Vegas trademark as a way to stimulate the monthly art event.

Recently, Hsieh also invested $7 million in JetSuite, a Southern California-based private jet company, as part of his interest in Downtown redevelopment. quoted Hsieh saying that the investment will “help shorten the psychological distance between Downtown Las Vegas and Silicon Valley, as well as LA.”

Hsieh told us Tuesday that JetSuite flights will land at North Las Vegas Airport, Henderson Executive Airport and the west side of McCarran, which serves private aircraft. That means no more McCarran main terminal tourist chaos for those who can afford JetSuite’s deals, whether for business or pleasure.

That could explain why one of the planes will be branded “Delivering Happiness,” also the name of Hsieh’s bestselling book. Anyone who’s been to the North Las Vegas Airport knows that, compared with the heavy traffic and urgent ads at McCarran’s main terminal, it’s a peaceful sanctuary and only a short ride from Downtown.

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