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Chaotic situations often unfold in war and on the basketball court

Photo: Sam Morris

Thomas & Mack Center | December 1, 2012 | 5:43 p.m.

You’ve heard of Clausewitz’s “fog of war” theory, correct? It’s basically the chaotic nature of battle coupled with poor intelligence, leading to diminished situational awareness. Have you ever heard of the “fog of sports?” Yeah, me neither, because I just made it up.

As a sports photographer, chaotic situations often unfold in front of my lens. During the UNLV vs. Hawaii basketball game last weekend, I was shooting the action on the other end of the court when a UNLV player went flying into the baseline seats, followed by Hawaii center Vander Joaquim. Because my view was obscured by other players, officials and coaches, I didn’t know exactly what had happened. I kept looking through the lens, waiting for gaps between people so I could see, when all of a sudden things began converging on the downed players. Through the scrum, I caught UNLV guard Justin Hawkins as he charged past the Hawaii bench and pushed aside guard Jace Tavita. After the dust settled, it was clear both Hawkins and Joaquim had received technical fouls. Checking the back of my camera, it was also clear that I had captured my most interesting basketball photo of the season.


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