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A look at the most-read stories of the year on

We type things about EDC, you read them. A lot of you.
Photo: Tom Donoghue

1. Getting ready for the return of EDC. The excitement officially started when the DJ lineup for Electric Daisy Carnival 2012 was announced in April. More than 100 performers were booked for the second Vegas installment of EDC, held once again at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. As you know, it didn’t disappoint.

2. A declaration of definitive dining. The Weekly’s list of 50 must-eat Las Vegas meals kept readers busy all year, checking off the Valley’s most delicious experiences ranging from ramen at Monta to veal parm at Rao’s. Did you complete the rounds?

3. A tearful goodbye to a talented friend. The local music community reacted with shock and sadness when Tommy Marth died in April. He was a saxophonist who played with The Killers, The Big Friendly Corporation and other bands and worked with countless local venues to improve the state of the scene. He continues to be missed.

4. Apparently, you think you can dance. Some of you really, really love So You Think You Can Dance. This Weekly web piece previewed the show’s ninth season and explored the callback tryouts at Planet Hollywood, including a quick chat with the judges.

5. Doesn’t a sandwich sound good right now? Our top 10 list of the best sandwiches in Las Vegas sparked some major debates and ignited even more appetites. But in the end, a certain unity was achieved; we can all agree that a perfect sandwich is the best thing since, and with, sliced bread.


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