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Sh*t Las Vegans Say

Jumping on the bandwagon with dry heat and tourist rants

The “Sh*t [people] Say” viral video phenomenon has plagued the web recently. We’ve seen it all: Sh*t Girls Say, Sh*t Gay Guys Say, Sh*t People Say in LA, Shit White Girls Say … to Black Girls.

We decided to jump on the bandwagon to bring you a few quotes we often hear our fellow locals say. Okay, fine. So maybe we’re guilty of a few of these ourselves …

“Screw you Google Maps! I’m not going anywhere near the Spaghetti Bowl.”

“70 degrees? Maybe I should grab a light sweater.”

“Yes, there are schools here.”

“But that’s on the other side of town. There are free drinks? Gimme 40 minutes.”

“My house is underwater. No, I didn’t have a flood.”

Oh my god. My power bill is out of control."

“Reeeeeeeeeebeeeeeeeeels! Reeeeeeeeeebeeeeeeeeels!”

CSI is so inaccurate. And don’t even get me started on Vegas!”

“But, ya know, it’s a dry heat.”

“They’re charging cover for locals? I’m going to the bar then.”


“We shouldn’t bag on tourists so much. They’re basically keeping this city afloat.”

“F#@%ing tourists!”

“Your friend is coming with us to the club? Do they have a local ID?”

“Damn tourists, always complaining that it’s hot outside.”

“It’s so hot today!”

“I brought flip flops in my purse.”

“Ugh, people from [insert any state except Nevada here] don’t know how to drive.”

“What? Bars close? But … why?”


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