Who made money from the election in swing state Nevada?

Pay it forward: Yeah, the elections were exhausting, but at least a ton of cash got spent locally.
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock without a computer, far from a water cooler, in a remote forest with no door-to-door campaign peddlers and no neighbors or media, then you’re aware that this presidential campaign was about spending a lot of money. An estimated $6 billion went into marketing candidates to the American people. (Thanks, Citizens United!) The jury’s still out on whether campaigns serve as a sort of economic stimulus to local communities, but according to FEC filings, it seems a few businesses here in the swing state of Nevada might have benefited from the maniacal campaigning. More than $50 million was spent here on presidential ads alone. While the bulk of Romney campaign expenditures include lodging at the Venetian, Red Rock and Excalibur and AV services (well into six figures), there were also small and varied expenditures: $329 for the Ralston Report, $9.27 at TCBY, a few hundred dollars here and there for office supplies and, of course, food. Meanwhile, the Obama campaign listed more than $200,000(!) spent at PDQ Printing in Las Vegas and scores of payments to Expedia for travel and lodging throughout the state. But it might be the bars and liquor stores who really won out, dousing the nerves of swing staters who’d had it with the ads. Until next time, PACs.

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