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In Brief: Convention Center light bulbs, dead eagles and more


Miracle bulb

How many light bulbs does it take to screw with our heads? Try 2,000—the number of new Holophane DualBay lights the Las Vegas Convention Center just installed in its 3.2 million-square-foot space. The screwy part is that changing the bulbs is reportedly reducing the facility’s energy consumption by 40 percent. That’s nuts. With all the money big Strip properties could save with these lights, they could build more big properties to consume more energy. Efficiently, baby. –Erin Ryan


Not for the birds

A Nevada wind farm might be fined $200,000 after a golden eagle was found dead on its property. Apparently the farm could have avoided a fine by applying for a “take” permit and working with the Fish and Wildlife Service on identifying the best sites for wind turbines. Still, no matter where you put a wind farm, odds are this sort of thing is going to happen. California’s largest wind farms kill, on average, 80 golden eagles a year. It seems to be the cost of doing business. –Ken Miller


Slots of drinks

Cocktail service at Venetian and Palazzo just got a whole lot quicker. For slot players, at least. With the new Drinks2U ordering system—they didn’t even waste time on a space bar!—gamblers can punch their cocktail orders directly into the machines. The new system will augment, not replace, the servers’ regular rounds. You can’t select premium liquors, but if you’re playing the high-limit parlor’s $5,000 machine, something tells me you’ll end up with Grey Goose and not Popov. –Rick Lax

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