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Flavor Flav’s double booking: criminal arraignment or Hall of Fame induction?

Photo: Scott Harrison Retna

Flavor Flav is a lucky guy. Not just because he parlayed his status as a former hype man into a reality show dynasty, but because of what happened last week.

Flav was scheduled to appear at a Las Vegas court for an arraignment stemming from his felony assault and child endangerment charges. (Remember when he reportedly chased his girlfriend’s 17-year-old son around the house with a butcher knife?) Well, the arraignment was scheduled to occur at the same time Flav was supposed to be in LA, getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The judge postponed the arraignment for Flav so he could attend the ceremony.

But what could be more important than a criminal arraignment? A Hall of Fame induction, perhaps … but should Las Vegas courts be more lenient to famous people because their previously scheduled events are more high-profile?

At the induction, Flav and Public Enemy were introduced by Spike Lee, whose film, Do the Right Thing, showcased Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power.” Later, Harry Belafonte called Public Enemy “the gatekeepers of the truth.” If Flav’s case goes to trial, perhaps Belafonte could be a character witness


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