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If They Mated: The Hollywood Madam and Carlos Danger


We expected notorious madam Heidi Fleiss to make headlines again. But this time, it wasn’t about wrangling prostitutes, evading taxes or driving under the influence. It was about growing nearly 400 suspected marijuana plants at her Pahrump home, allegedly to sell to a Las Vegas co-op. She kept meaning to get that pesky license ... Will she never learn?

If not, there’s someone she should meet: Anthony Weiner. He was a congressman. Then he was a chronic extramarital sexter who tried to cover his tracks with lies. Then he was a NYC mayoral hopeful. Then he was a sexter again, under the awesome pseudonym Carlos Danger. He didn’t lie this time, but a poll last week had him winning only 10 percent of likely New York voters.

Given their impulsive behavior, overconfidence and apparent disregard for public shaming and consequences, we think these two might be made for each other. So, once again, we bring you our take on Conan O’Brien’s “If They Mated.” Before the digital morph, we assumed the spawn of the Hollywood Madam and the Danger would look just like Anthony Weiner does now. Somehow, this is even more disturbing.

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