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In Brief: A one-float parade at Arts Factory and a dead escalator on the Strip

Naked in public

So much for subtlety in dating. The “Intimacy 2.0” dress lets fabric do the talking for your libido. As designed by Dan Roosegaarde, the opaque “e-foils” of the dress become transparent when you … get aroused. It’s not on the market yet (it’s just a project at this point), but even if it was, would you want to run the risk of indecent exposure just because you thought someone had killer abs? –Ken Miller

Float on

Mardi Gras wouldn’t be Mardi Gras without a float, even if it’s just the one. So Colombian-born float designer Joana Pratt Lopez and artist Susanne Forestieri led a four-weekend community float-building workshop at the Arts Factory, resulting in one highly colorful and floral masterpiece to be unveiled February 8 on the Arts Factory patio, complete with float tours of the Arts District and the Woody Woods Trio playing salsa and New Orleans jazz from 6-9 p.m. –Kristen Peterson

Glaring omission

Venetian’s parking garage-to-casino escalator has been down for months. Casinos usually make it easy to get inside and gamble—one second you’re watching a street performer by the Bellagio fountains, the next second you’re at the roulette table with everything on black. But apparently the escalator is the last remaining piece of Venetian’s 2012 ceiling-to-carpet renovations. If I were in charge, I’d do the escalator first, but who am I to tell Sheldon how to run a casino? –Rick Lax

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