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First, I want to know how the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority managed to acquire, which had to be the first domain name the sharks bought and then tried to resell for a cool million. Maybe the city promised them trade in the form of bottle service, which would cover that amount pretty fast.

Second, I want to know the identity of the adorable man in the ad campaign to tell the world about the new site, which launched January 7. The shtick is that his name is also Las Vegasdotcom (Las for short), and that the according attention (assaults) from colorful folk who dream of devouring Cosmo’s secret pizza and watching Donny and Marie do high kicks is kinda inconvenient for a dude.

Mr. Las Vegas - from

The site is sleek and extremely functional. It has tabs to search hotels by type and location, find vacation packages, reserve tickets to shows and book tours, sort through the best attractions and activities and figure out where to eat. It also has a “How To Vegas” guide with hot-link peppered narratives tailored to those hoping for experiences ranging from “The Foodie Fantasy” to “The Downtown Hipster,” “Gay Vegas” to “Day Vegas,” and, of course, “The Ultimate 21st Birthday.” To a local, they might seem quaint, but to someone who wants to make the most of Vegas and doesn’t know where to begin, the whole site is like an obliging friend.

Even if you’re local, it’s worth checking out for official nuggets of wonder you may have missed (“I had no idea Bally’s Sterling Brunch had sturgeon caviar!”)

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