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In Brief: Stolen statues, motorcycle sandwiching and more

Identity theft

Public art helps create an identity for a community, a familiar landmark that becomes something personal for everyone around it. At Nevada Ballet Theatre, that particular community happens to include a large percentage of children who take classes at its on-campus academy. So when someone drives a car onto the campus at night, breaking off and stealing two of three bronze statues of child dancers (while leaving a third bent and scarred) you have to wonder: What loser would do this? The nonprofit NBT has no idea who’s responsible and isn’t sure how (or if) the statues, estimated at $10,000 each, will be replaced. –Kristen Peterson

Two-wheel justice

Motorcyclists of Nevada, rejoice! It appears our state may become the first in the nation to make legal the practice of “lane splitting,” or maneuvering between two lanes of traffic. (California has unofficially permitted it for decades, but no law is in place.) Motorcyclists insist this makes them safer, as they won’t be “sandwiched” between cars in front of and behind them, and Nevada’s motorcycle fatalities are up 50 percent over last year, so clearly something needs to be done. But is this the answer? Only if people in cars start checking their mirrors. –Ken Miller

So real

They just can’t get enough of Las Vegas. Producers of MTV’s The Real World are coming to town this weekend to host an open casting call for the iconic reality TV series’ upcoming 29th season. Are you a larger-than-life personality with a unique life story and an adventurous spirit at a turning point in your life with big decisions to make about the future? Of course you are. Bring a photo ID (21+ only) and a recent picture and head over to Tommy Rocker’s on Saturday, May 18, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. –Andrea Domanick

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