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2-minute interview: The Strip’s scantily clad angel and devil

We do everything: Playboy bunnies, showgirls, cops.”

Friday, November 15, 2013 | 4:08 p.m. | The Strip at Planet Hollywood

How long have you been working out here, posing for pictures on the Strip? Devil: A year and a half. Angel: We started working for another company but now we work for ourselves.

Are you always angel and devil or do you mix it up? Angel: We do everything: Playboy bunnies, showgirls, cops. Showgirl is probably the most popular. Devil: You have to play a different role with every outfit.

So how much for a picture? Devil: It varies. Angel: But we can only take tips. If you say you’re charging for a picture and it’s an undercover police officer, they can put you in jail for solicitation. But the average is probably $5.

Is this dangerous? Seems like it is. Angel: It is. A lot of times I carry my gun on me, especially when we’re being cops. We also carry a Taser and sometimes a switchblade. We’ve been pinned up against walls, had stuff thrown at us. You just have to be careful. Everybody knows everybody down here, and we take care of each other. You learn not to work by yourself, and never take drinks because you can get roofied. If you’re out here alone and you’ve been roofied, you're screwed.

It’s scary and dangerous to be out here with a bunch of drunk people, but they’re the best tippers, right? Devil: Oh yeah. They’re just here to have fun. Angel: You gotta love your drunks. You gotta get to know 'em and ask where they're from. Those two old guys? They're just gambling and having fun, and they gave me $20.

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