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Take the quiz: How well do you know Nevada?

A member of the Merced County (Calif.) Sheriff’s Posse rides in the Nevada Day parade in Carson City on Oct. 26, 2013.
Photo: Matt Hufman

While Nevada Day was observed statewide last Friday, the state actually celebrates its 149th birthday on Thursday, October 31. Brush up on your Nevada knowledge with our quick Silver State quiz.

1. Finish this verse of “Home Means Nevada,” the state song: “Home means Nevada/Home means the hills/Home means the sage and the pines/Out by the Truckee’s silvery rills/Out where _______________”?

A. “Grandma lost her dimes”

B. “The sun always shines”

C. “Holly Madison resides”

D. “The people are really kind”

Really, we wish the answer was D. Not only because we don’t have the friendliest reputation, but because sometimes we just want some damn rain. (Answer: B)

2. Which of these is an official Nevada emblem?

A. State weapon

B. State roadkill

C. State tartan

D. State weed

They all sound ridiculous, don’t they? We might have been “Battle Born,” and we sure do have a lot of animals roaming highways as well as weeds, but Nevada actually does have an official plaid of blue, silver, red, yellow and white. (Answer: C)

3. What is Nevada’s state insect?

A. The mydas fly

B. The devil’s coach horse

C. The bed bug

D. The vivid dancer damselfly

While local hotels and motels have a storied past with creepy bed bugs, Nevada’s state bug has a much more colorful name. (Answer: D)

4. What is the state gemstone?

A. Virgin Valley black fire opal

B. Nevada turquoise

C. All of the above

D. None of the above

In a state all about winning money, you can never have too much bling, right? (Answer: C)

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