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In brief: Las Vegas gets its own Internet domain in 2014 and more

Dot this!

Imagine, Internet searches with a side of excess. That could be an option in 2014, when the city gets its very own Internet domain, .vegas. Dot Vegas, Inc., will serve as the designated registry operator, and the city will collect revenues based on the names that register (most will cost about $20). Las Vegas will be one of only four U.S. cities with a unique domain, joining Miami, Boston and New York City. —MA

Rational ruling

Big round of applause to the recent federal appeals court ruling upholding a Nevada student’s expulsion in 2008 for threatening violence against classmates through social media. Landon Wynar’s lawsuit claimed the school board had no authority in the matter because he made the threats off school property. Oh, and that the whole thing—bragging about his weapons and naming specific people he threatened to shoot—was a joke. Kudos to the school district for acting quickly and correctly. And though the long-awaited decision was never in doubt, it still feels good to hear. —KM

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