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Maligned by Movoto, North Las Vegas dining gets summed up in one textifesto

Ella Em’s Soul Food: Nobody in their right mind would call this unappetizing.
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I shouldn’t care what a real estate blog says about food, but Movoto’s post about America’s “least appetizing cities” ranked North Las Vegas No. 3 overall and the worst for restaurants per capita (1 for every 808 residents). The list was based on dining options rather than quality, but I was still compelled to defend North Las Vegas. Not that I’ve ever eaten there …

So, I texted Weekly foodists Brock Radke and Jim Begley for advice. Edited for length, here’s what they said:

Erin Ryan: HELP. Need North Las Vegas restaurants that don’t suck. Never eaten over there. All I have so far is Los Molcajetes.

Jim Begley: Taqueria El Palenque, Rubalcaba’s Taco Shop and La Hacienda, to start.

Brock Radke: Those are holes.

JB: They are. Last time I checked they’re also restaurants.

BR: Right, but she needs heavier ammo. … Important to note that NLV has the same small-town franchise restos as any other city with pop 200K. But still a quick freeway trip to Strip.

JB: Really? And Molcajetes not a hole?

BR: Jim: Shh. Erin: MRKT at Aliante, Austins at Texas Station, Waverly’s at Cannery—all solid steakhouses.

JB: I would pick my restaurants over yours any day.

BR: Shh. Also Ella Em’s Soul Food. Poke Express. I will agree with Jim on the point he’s failing to make clearly: Some of the best cheap Mexican food is in NLV.

JB: Brock is dead to me.

BR: Ha! Viva Zapatas. Thai Basil. Prime rib and chocolate éclairs at Jerry’s Nugget. Iconic.

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