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The Strip

Virtual Vegas: R&R Partners and Google team up to show off hotel interiors

Google Interiors will soon show off the inside areas of Strip properties, thanks to a partnership with local ad agency R&R Partners.
Chris Morris

When The Hangover came out in 2009, it led to a huge bump in tourism, because people wanted to fight Mike Tyson’s tiger and see the lobby of Caesars Palace. Las Vegas’ reputation for debauchery draws people in, but it’s the Strip’s interiors that really get them talking. Huge aquariums, secret gardens, glass ceilings, an Eiffel freakin’ Tower ... who can resist? R&R Partners is acutely aware of this, and recently announced a partnership with Google to show off the insides of Strip hotels on Google Interiors. It’s the latest component of R&R’s campaign to keep Las Vegas relevant in an increasingly competitive tourism market, and CEO Billy Vassiliadis calls the effort “the most critical thing we can do.” Google Interiors is expected to give users a virtual tour of any Strip property that will make them feel like they’re actually there. It’s cool to imagine someone from Topeka becoming a Bellagio pro using Google Maps to find the quickest way from the pool to the lobby or just to a bathroom. It also begs the question: What iconic properties are next? Hearst Castle? The Taj Mahal? The White House? Pretty soon nothing will be left to our imaginations.

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