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Donny goes digital: Osmond launches iTunes app—no, seriously


Between the app that makes selfies horizontal and the one that tracks sleep patterns, you know there’s a space begging for Donny Osmond’s face. The prolific entertainer recently launched an app to publicize his upcoming album, The Soundtrack of My Life, and to reward downloaders with meaty track clips and the stories behind the songs (like the one about “Ben” being written for him, not Michael Jackson).

We’re guessing the bulk of those rushing to iTunes for the free Donny connect are the same folks who rushed to record stores to buy his vinyl chestnuts when they were fresh hits. Soundtrack will reportedly be his 60th album. That seemed insane, considering the man hasn’t even been alive for as many years (he’s 56), so we skimmed his discography. If you count solo (Disco Train!), compilation (25 Hits!) and specialty records (Christmas at Home!), singles (Soldier of Love!) and collabs (Goin’ Coconuts!), the tally seems plausible. And the progression of the artist is clear from the music, as well as the imagery. Not that we don’t appreciate the digitally perfected Donny on the app tile, we just prefer the earlier model in the awesome leisure suit playing a white piano in the path of an oncoming locomotive. If anyone has a chance of resonating with millennial hipsters, it’s that guy.

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