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Genre: Rock
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That is the actual definition of IMPACT, but that does little to correctly define this band as a whole. Each song, each beat, and each word is used to create a wave of energy that is intended for the listener to exploit as they will, thus, making an IMPACT on that person. You may hear what sounds like joy, sadness, anger, or even fear. Some may just hear noise, but no matter what the listener thinks... it still had an IMPACT on them. If you've ever had that tingling feeling on your skin while jammin' out to your favorite singer or band, then guess what, it struck you and had its effect. We're here to make an IMPACT and leave our mark on you, your bar, your city, and some day... the world.
What IMPACT boils down to is a husband and wife (The Dick & Barbara) and a military man (Jonathan, Air Force). You will find comfort in our ability to commit.

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Death Bird Soul Machine
Demon Hand
Something Like Paradise
Barbara Gustafson – Bass, Vocals
Richard Gustafson – Drums, Vocals
Jonathan Martinez – Guitar, Vocals
2006, Las Vegas, NV
Nirvana, Hole, Sick of it All, Pantera, Metallica, Damien Rice, Tool, BoySetsFire, Mudvayne, Stained, Disturbed, Stephen Lynch
Current status
Writing and performing locally