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Kathy Griffin’s mom is an author


I’ve reached a milestone in my career as a book reviewer. I just received a free book that I didn’t ask for. (So far I’ve been buying books and emailing publishers to ask for review copies of specific books.)

Which book did I get? Why, I got Kathy Griffin’s 90-year-old mother’s book Tip it! The World According to Maggie.

Now, I like Kathy Griffin’s Larry King appearances as much as the next (straight) guy, but Griffin’s mom’s book wouldn’t be the first on my reading list. So I was tempted to set it on the shelf and forget about it…

But then I remembered how much I love getting free stuff. The last thing I would want to do is send anyone the message that I don’t like getting free stuff, because I do. Who doesn’t?

So instead of shelving the book or giving it away, I passed the book to my roommate (a My Life on the D List fan) to review. She read through two pages from the middle, and then had this to say:

“It’s basically her talking about her thoughts on marriage and her husband—I’m sure it’s great.”

So there you go, Hyperion. Put that on the paperback back cover.

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