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Gigolos’ a Gantt-miss show after star’s brush with Prince Harry, lewdness arrest

Gigolos” studs-for-hire Jimmy Dior, Vin Armani, Steven Gantt, Brace Land and Nick Hawk. Dior is not returning in Season 3, which begins Aug. 30, 2012.
Steven Gantt, royal descendent, star of "Gigolos" and recent CCDC inmate.

Steven Gantt, royal descendent, star of "Gigolos" and recent CCDC inmate.

Maybe the fetishist female who painted Steven Gantt’s face as a clown in the Season 3 premiere of “Gigolos” should have opted instead for a crown and cape.

This was a royal humdinger.

Gantt is a cast member of the ribald Showtime series based on the activities of five hired escorts who practice their profession in Las Vegas. The premiere viewing party was held Thursday night at Vince Neil’s Girls, Girls, Girls inside of Déjà Vu Gentlemen’s Club, a haven for lewd (but legal) conduct.

Unexpectedly, the real news unfolded soon after Gantt left the scene. After the party, at 1:40 a.m., he was pulled over by Las Vegas Metro officers for speeding. While running a routine check of Gantt’s driver’s license, officers discovered a fresh outstanding bench warrant for open and gross lewdness. Gantt was swiftly booked and sent to Clark County Detention Center, where he spent the night and I’ll surmise was a big hit at CCDC. The arrest also is sure to boost ratings of the show, which is already legally questionable because it depicts an activity that is illegal in Clark County.

It should not be a surprise that credit for the first post of the Gantt arrest goes to TMZ, which also reported that Gantt was on his way to pick up fast food. A classic case of Drive-Thru Interruptus, as it were.

What’s really crazy about this incident, aside from all of it, is it took place two weeks after Gantt was partying with Prince Harry at Wet Republic at MGM Grand. This was Aug. 18, during the prince’s legendarily fateful visit here. Though details of Gantt’s infraction have not been uncovered (a call to Las Vegas Metro today has not been returned), it is possible that he was identified and cited without being apprehended and detained for behavior at that party. With Prince Harry serving as ringleader, the party was reportedly a scene of booze-based debauchery. Or, in Gantt’s case, a scene of “any weekend in Las Vegas.”

Adhering to the directives of his attorney, Gantt has no comment about the incident or his arrest. But he did confirm that he was with Harry at the poolside party abode and twice tweeted about the event -- though 10 days after the fact (Gantt is one of these wildly inconsistent Twitter types).

The first tweet, Gantt writes: “Prince Harry: Great hanging with you during your cost to Vegas! You're crazier than I am :).” Auto correct seems to have morphed the word “trip” to “cost” in this instance, though the trip was fairly costly, image-wise, to the prince. Gantt also tagged a parody account for Prince Harry in that tweet, as if the incident wasn’t farcical enough already.

The second update: “Oh Harry, Blast hanging with you at Wet Republic in Vegas. I guess royalty has to stick together. You're crazier than me :).”

The reference to royalty sticking together is explained thusly: Gantt is a descendent of John of Gaunt, the 1st Duke of Lancaster. It’s impressive ancestry, adding to Gantt’s mystique-laden resume. But such royal lineage carries zero influence when you’re in the hands of Las Vegas Metro.

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