Criss & Holly’s romance flames out after four months

Criss Angel and Holly Madison.
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Updated @11:15 p.m.

It’s officially over! The intense, romantic, four-month relationship between The Girls Next Door beauty Holly Madison and Mindfreak magician Criss Angel has come to an end. It all boiled down to a curt 20-word statement that ended one of the most publicized romances of last year!

This evening, Steve Flynn, the public relations executive who represents both Criss and Holly, confirmed our report from this afternoon (read below): “Criss and Holly are no longer a couple. They remain very close friends and wish each other the very best.”

For Holly, it was the second time in less than six months that a live-in relationship she hoped would lead to marriage collapsed. It also was the second time in six months she had packed her bags and belongings to move back into her own bachelorette pad in Hollywood.

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Holly Madison and Criss Angel celebrate their birthdays at LAX.

Before the romance with Criss, Holly had lived at the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills with Playboy founder Hugh Hefner for seven years. She ended it by packing her bags and moving out when she realized that he wasn’t going to marry her.

Holly moved in with Criss at his Luxor penthouse less than a month after starting a regular commute between Burbank Airport and our McCarran Airport in October.

They had met a year earlier and, although friends, embarked on a wild, romantic fling shortly before they went public with the love match at the Oct. 31 premiere of his Cirque du Soleil show Believe.

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Holly Madison, Criss Angel and Mom.

She made a paper wedding ring for him to wear and said if he wore it, she would propose marriage to him. The couple even went shopping for rings over the Christmas holiday period just before Criss invited her parents to spend New Year’s with them. Criss gave her a matching set of jewelry after throwing her an extravagant birthday party in the lobby of his Luxor theater. Click HERE for our exclusive report of that night.

Insiders told me that Holly became restless and unable to jump-start her showbiz career while “hanging out” in Las Vegas with Criss. She had been offered a starring role in an existing Strip show but turned it down so it wouldn’t conflict with his incredible workload at Cirque du Soleil.

“In the end, she realized that for the second time, marriage wasn’t in the cards. In the end, she realized that for as long as she was involved with Criss, she wasn’t going to be able to launch a career after exiting her duties at Playboy magazine as a photo editor,” I was told. “He wanted her to be the next American blonde bombshell pinup, but it wasn’t going to happen from Vegas. They both realized they were standing in each other’s way of their careers. They agreed reluctantly to separate so that both could continue on with their careers. They are brokenhearted, but both realize it is for the best for both of them.”

The breaking news story posted @1:54 p.m. today:

Vegas DeLuxe is monitoring the presumed end of the romance between Mindfreak magician Criss Angel and The Girls Next Door Playboy beauty Holly Madison. Reports have begun in the past hour that the “inseparable couple” has decided to call it quits.

More on this developing story as we get further details, but apparently the couple has decided that their business schedules were in too much conflict to allow the romance to continue on a positive basis.

In Photos: Criss Angel & Holly Madison

Holly is anxious to expand her showbiz career, and that revolves around a Los Angeles base rather than from the Luxor hotel suite here in Vegas where she has been living with Criss. He stars there in the Cirque du Soleil illusions spectacular Believe.

Reports indicate that the split is mutual and in the best interests of the couple who plan to remain “best friends.” It’s shocking news to Vegas observers who in recent weeks have seen the couple constantly together and lip-locked at various nightclubs. They first went public with their romance at the Oct. 31 premiere of his magic show at the Luxor.

Believe Premiere

The couple spent a “honeymoon-styled” vacation in Cabo San Lucas last month where they stayed at the hot jet-set haven known as ME with its luxurious Nikki Beach pool club and were joined by American Idol judge Paula Abdul.

I was with them as recently as 10 days ago when they were cuddled up on a couch near me at LAX when Vegas played host to the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models.

There’s likely more to come as we check in with everybody involved.


Oct. 31, 2008: They show up together for the premiere of Believe.

Leach Blog Photo

Holly Madison, without Criss Angel (at least for this shot), at the black carpet premiere of Believe.

November & December 2008: The couple is seen often carousing at various nightclubs in town and discusses romance while attending the red carpet premiere of Paris Hilton’s Repo! The Genetic Opera!.

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Benji Madden, Paris Hilton, Holly Madison and Criss Angel.

Criss and Holly Talk Romance

Dec. 31, 2008: Holly’s parents meet Criss for the first time.

January 2009: They go on vacation in Mexico.

Leach Blog Photo

Holly Madison, Criss Angel, Ice-T and Nicole "Coco" Austin.

February 2009: They’re at LAX for a Sports Illustrated swimsuit models event.

Feb. 14, 2009: They’re spotted at Studio 54 and the Luxor during the Valentine’s Day weekend.

Feb. 25, 2009: Kaput.


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