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Worth waiting for: Follow the line to Chronic Tacos


What the hell? When’s the last time we saw lines stretching out of a store in Summerlin’s quiet Village Center Circle? Never. Apparently these people were feenin’ bad for a good taco.

Days after Chronic Tacos opened, in late May, the lines started forming. And the people just kept coming. Maybe it’s because the army of taco-makers behind the counter politely apologized for the few minutes’ wait, or maybe it’s because they were dishing up carne asada, al pastor and tasty scoops of mashed potatoes in crunchy, fried-corn tortillas as fast as they could.

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Chronic Tacos
1910 Village Center Circle, 243-5221.

Chronic Tacos is a SoCal chain founded in 2001. It started in Newport Beach and grew into Arizona, Idaho, and now, Las Vegas. The quick-and-fresh-Mex concept is nothing new; Chronic is just a little more laidback and fun with it. The walls are covered with graffiti-ish scribbles and skateboard decks, and the kitchen crew will get loud when finishing up a large order.

Most importantly, this is good food. Stick with soft-corn tortillas most of the time, as they are pillowy and absorbent and perfect for enveloping marinated grilled steak or chicken, or beer-battered or grilled mahi mahi. The simple red salsa is a spicy delight whether it’s enchiladas, quesadillas, burritos, tamales or taquitos you crave. Chronic does breakfast, too: The Gringo Burrito is a hearty mix of egg, potato and bacon, to which you might want to add some guacamole.

Sure, this taco joint’s name is ripe for bad jokes, but the early rush proves it—Chronic Tacos is the bomb, even if you’re not using special substances.

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