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Design your own burger at Wildburger

Choose your own burger adventure.

If you live near a Wildfire Casino—and odds are you do—then you have a new dining option. The recently unveiled Wildburger, which has replaced the Denny’s-esque Dante’s at all three locations, offers more variety than your standard casino fare with its handcrafted burger menu.

The restaurant feels a little like a Choose Your Own Adventure. Start with a beef, turkey, chicken or veggie burger ($6-$7). Pick your bun and trimmings. And that’s not all! Toppings ($1 apiece) include cheeses like Gruyère and Maytag blue, plus bacon, chili and fried eggs. There’s more! You also get a side (the onion strings are addictive) and signature sauces (don’t miss garlic ketchup). That’s actually it.

The Details

Inside Wildfire Casinos,
Open 24/7

Furthering Wildburger’s goal that you “Eat Meat,” the menu offers other methods to increase your carnivorous quotient. A breakfast option, the Wildburger Signature Breakfast Bowl, layers home fries, hamburger, cheddar, ham and eggs in an iron pot ($8). You can supplement your foot-long grilled hot dog with a wrapping of bacon ($6), or even get meat in your salad—the cheeseburger salad ($8), of course.

Wildburger’s not just about the meat. An eclectic 26-beer selection ranges from lowbrow (Hamm’s—from the land of sky blue waters!) to local Tenaya Creek microbrews. For dessert, you can have made-from-scratch Ding Dongs or deep-fried Twinkies ($5 each)—exactly the sort of ending a wild adventure deserves.

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