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The Interview Issue: Jake Leslie, owner of the Goodwich

Leslie (right) with co-owner Joshua Clark..
Photo: L.E. Baskow
Molly O’Donnell

There’s a sandwich for every occasion. We cooked up a few wacky scenarios and asked the guy behind Downtown’s Goodwich kiosk what he’d put between bread:

Your best friend sets you up on a blind date ... with your long-lost high school sweetheart. Show you have blossomed into someone with taste, class and impeccable French pronunciation. Sure, the foie&, with foie gras and chicken skin, is a rich sandwich, but nothing else will so easily soak up the nervous sips of whiskey you’ve been sneaking from your trusty blind-date flask.

You’re on the way to a job interview when the car in front of you breaks down and Scarlett Johansson gets out. You offer a lift; she offers to buy you a drink. By the time you get to your interview you’re tipsy, but amazingly, only slightly tardy. Scar-Jo has given your self-confidence an unquantifiable boost. Accompany your new ego with a monte cristo’d PBB&J. (Yes, the second B is for bacon.) Nothing will scream, “Hire this person!” like showing up late with a delicious sandwich and an excuse only TMZ can confirm.

It’s your first free day all year, so you grab your towel and head to the pool. On the way, you notice you’re not only in desperate need of a tan but also a sandwich. Mom warned you about eating before swimming. Ditch the fist-pumping at the dayclub, and find a dark corner inside Dino’s to enjoy a chicken sandwich with hints of tarragon, asparagus pesto and peppery roquette, the last bites of spring. You’ll have plenty of time to work on that tan over the long, hot summer.


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