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Please play the art at David Sanchez Burr’s exhibit

Image from Sanchez Burr’s Somebody Kill the Radio exhibit at Kleven Contemporary in 2012.

The Details

Somebody Kill the Radio
April 6-28, opening reception April 14, 6-9 p.m.
Kleven Contemporary, inside Emergency Arts.

“Don’t touch the art!” That gallery faux pas is nonexistent at Kleven Contemporary this month, as local artist David Sanchez Burr presents the hands-on exhibit Somebody Kill the Radio.

Part of his n o w h e r e r a d i o series, the interactive display includes a microphone (resting atop a book of writings and readings on utopia) and eight sculptures that double as noisemaking instruments. Participants are invited to play Burr’s wall-mounted creations, with the produced sounds broadcast through radios in the gallery by an FM transmitter. 

“The idea is, in a way, to allow the community to broadcast itself,” says Burr, who considers not only his sculptures the art being exhibited, but also the sounds. The artist says that the transmitted sounds together produce a community voice, something he considers scarce due to the large populations that comprise a community.

“If you have an open room like this to transmit your ideas … and in addition, to make them melodic or make them rhythmic, I think it’s a great soundboard,” says Burr. “It’s sort of also a community project.”

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