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A judge has granted permission for owners of the CityCenter development to demolish a flawed, half-built hotel tower on the Strip after developers completed a fourth round of testing on the building.

Judge approves demolition of flawed CityCenter hotel tower

August 23rd, 2013

A judge has granted permission for owners of the CityCenter development to demolish a flawed, half-built hotel tower on the Strip after developers completed a fourth round of testing on the building.

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    The junked signs that attracted throngs to old Las Vegas are once again glinting and shimmering at night.

  • Nevada

    A University of California, Berkeley, law student accused in the beheading of an exotic bird at a Las Vegas Strip resort has pleaded not guilty ...

  • Nevada

    A Las Vegas-based social gambling company says it will launch the first legal, real-money poker website in the United States.

  • Food

    One of the most popular restaurants in Las Vegas has been closed after more than 30 patrons reported food poisoning symptoms.

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    Las Vegas is trying to beat its reputation as a shut-in. MGM Resorts International announced Thursday that it will sink $100 million into building a ...

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    Caesars Entertainment Corp. is teaming up with the Gansevoort Hotel Group and nightlife owner Victor Drai to open a boutique hotel on the Las Vegas ...

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    The top cop in Las Vegas says police will begin releasing investigative reports about officer-involved deadly force incidents. Clark County Sheriff Douglas Gillespie plans to ...

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    Questions are being raised over the initial fire department response to a backyard residential burn that rekindled two days later, destroying two homes in a ...

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    [Vegas hosting the National Hip-Hop Political Convention] is major considering Las Vegas attempted a ban of hip-hop. That, along with the fact that, nationally, Vegas ...

  • As We See It

    Much is currently being made of the attempt to enact term limits, passed in 1996, on many of the Valley’s elected officials. That got us ...

  • As We See It

    The Jim/Dawn Gibbons divorce saga has quickly become a reason for living if you’re a Nevada resident who even dares to pick up the daily ...

  • Film

    The sequel suffers from indifferent plotting and apathetic jokes that often don’t appear to have punchlines.

  • Dining

    Chef Rick Moonen kicks off his new gig as Weekly columnist with a trip back in time, Italian-style.

  • Music

    Having Christine McVie back after a 16-year hiatus seems to have reinvigorated the group.

  • Nightlife

    With their training regimens, discipline, drive and competition circuits, flair bartenders aren't just entertaining with alcohol acrobatics, they're competing in a strategic sport.

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    The famed founder of Cirque du Soleil has sold controlling interest in the company, and the new majority ownership company is familiar around the world ...

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    Elizabeth Blau and company move closer to fine dining while showing once again they know their audience better than anyone.

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    Great tastes from Ballast Point, the Bruery and an up-and-coming local operation.

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    “I love records. Everything about them: the sound, the artwork, the smell … I’ve been fascinated with how they are made since I realized that ...

  • Kats Report

    Priscilla is ready to unveil the only authorized Graceland exhibit to open outside of the Memphis estate.

  • Music

    Scan the spines, choose an album. Slide it from its sleeve, place it on the platter. Tonearm up, needle down. Side one.

  • As We See It

    When Peeps are fresh, they’re like sweet clouds that just rolled naked on a sugar beach.

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    Swedish flags were waving, local Swedes dressed in yellow and blue and Governor Brian Sandoval sported the colors of the Norse country's flag. Ikea is ...

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    I caught some Grade A sets, but the festival lacked its former spark, that intangible feeling of yes.

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    Where to score wax in the Valley.

  • As We See It

    The 15,200-square-foot restaurant will include a massive poolside space.

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    Also, Carmine's has you covered for National Garlic Day.

  • Weekly Q&A

    The dressage champion talks Olympic memories, his love for Vegas crowds and the power of David Bowie.

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    Also, the 51s play their first home games this year with a little Tark thrown in.

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