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15th Anniversary

They placed an ad in our classifieds—when we had classifieds.

The Weekly helped the Killers come together

December 12th, 2013

They placed an ad in our classifieds—when we had classifieds.

  • 15th AnniversaryFeatured

    Want to know the best place to have sex in a car? Just ask a cabbie.

  • Featured15th Anniversary

    Some of his least-favorite movies might surprise you.

  • 15th AnniversaryFeatured

    The 15th Anniversary Issue: A look back at the covers and stories that defined Las Vegas Weekly.

  • Featured15th Anniversary

    The Italian entrepreneur told Weekly about his vision to reinvent the Las Vegas casino experience in a 2008 issue of the Weekly. We check back ...

  • 15th AnniversaryFeatured

    Expect a soaring, unscripted night for Las Vegas Weekly's 15th Anniversary Party!

  • 15th AnniversaryFeatured

    Test your Las Vegas Weekly IQ with this little quiz.

  • 15th AnniversaryFeatured

    From bloody shears to a sexy bodice, our cover treatments of Vegas' favorite political couple.

  • Featured15th Anniversary

    Weekly checks in with the immigration activist for our 15th Anniversary Issue, three years after she shared her personal experience for our December 23, 2010 ...

  • 15th AnniversaryFeatured

    The Rem Koolhaas-designed space was almost as audacious as Bilbao’s celebrated Frank Gehry-designed museum.

  • 15th AnniversaryFeatured

    It is impossible that this story be about anything other than a 3 ½-minute trick in the Penn & Teller show. It is a very ...

  • Dining

    Drop that baster! Make a reservation this Turkey Day.

  • Weekly Q&A

    "We’re always helping other people’s dreams come true, but we never had a chance to do any work on our own place."

  • MirageSteve WynnLas Vegas Strip

    Here’s a chilling thought, courtesy of the man who made it all possible: “Ask yourself, if there was no Mirage on the Strip, what would’ve ...

  • Fine Art

    "It's time to refresh the project, look at options of location and ensure that our communication about the project is more clear than it has ...

  • A&E

    Face-melting Turkey Day meals, carols with Liberace and a drive to the North Pole (Experience)—it's time to shake your holiday season up!

  • Incidental Tourist

    Annual checkup: The Downtown hotel and casino celebrated its one-year anniversary late last month.

  • MirageFeaturedLas Vegas Strip

    If you were there for the opening of the Mirage 25 years ago, Folk was probably the first person you met.

  • Dining

    Start with potato pancakes and save room for the rouladen.

  • Dining

    If you thought last year's Grand Banquet was amazing, wait until you see the sequel.

  • Reviews

    The Downtown stalwart has new owners, a new look and an exciting new Mexican menu.

  • Dining News

    Also, a feast of white truffles and Nebbiolo at Ferraro's and a throwback menu at Spago.

  • As We See It

    The race packed 23 obstacles in a punishing 5-mile loop that runners completed over and over again for 24 hours straight.

  • As We See It

    Even professional exhibiting artists have sat down at the space, creating works that eventually went into gallery shows.

  • Hot Spots

    Also, a Rebel Pride edition of GBDC and Adore Delano at Piranha.

  • Nightlife

    A trio of seasonal sips at the hotel's crystal cocoon.

  • As We See It

    And the chicken fried steak tastes just as good.

  • Arts & EntertainmentMusicDining

    It's Weekly's annual Thanksgiving appreciation issue, chock full of thanks for everything we find delicious, hilarious, brave and beautiful.