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The Rebels last won the crown in 2008—here are three keys to doing it again this season.

Three things the Runnin’ Rebels must do to make the Big Dance

March 5th, 2014

The Rebels last won the crown in 2008—here are three keys to doing it again this season.

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    After a successful season, Rebel fans will be looking to Hauck for an encore next fall.

  • As We See It

    The son of Armenian immigrants, Jerry Tarkanian was urged by his stepfather to become a barber. His true calling, of course, was basketball.

  • As We See It

    Enjoy these dunks by Anthony Bennett; you might not get to see them anymore.

  • As We See It

    Offseason changes, storylines and questions come for every college basketball team. The Rebels just hoped theirs hadn’t come so soon. So what’s the team going ...

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    The first eight notes are all you really need to hear. The tune is so unmistakable and tied to such a specific time of year ...

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    Darrell Stubbs flew more than 11,000 combat missions in Vietnam. Today, he's workin' the Findlay blimp.

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    Get up to speed. Get ready to run with the Rebels.

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    Hey Reb gets dunked on, all in good fun.

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    "A lot of rodeo comes from the heart," says UNLV coach.

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    Cost and location plans for a domed, 60,000-seat “mega-event” stadium on the UNLV campus are coming into sharper focus two months before a review by ...

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    Due to policy changes, UNLV tailgating parties are far less attended than before.

  • Kats Report

    Amid his long run as a UNLV assistant coach, Dave Rice was known as a great student -- and teacher -- of the game. Today, ...

  • Kats Report

    "The Runnin' Rebels of UNLV," a balanced account of Jerry Tarkanian's basketball program, debuts on HBO on March 12.

  • Kats Report

    I'd heard that if you thought Gondo was a holy terror on the basketball court, you should see him play volleyball.

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    Amid chatter about the unsteady future of “Vegas Nocturne” at Rose. Rabbit. Lie. in the Cosmopolitan, an online report posted today says the show is ...

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    “This is my last time. I’m not Cher. At least no one can say I didn’t try.”

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    The new Main Street store will have an updated industrial look—and your used jeans, of course.

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    Considering Las Vegas' sexy Sin City image, how provocative can performance be on Las Vegas Boulevard?

  • Music

    Filling in for the irreplaceable Freddie Mercury, the American Idol alum sounded best on the band's more bombastic tunes.

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    "That’s the part I probably will miss the most: being at the center of the flame for a red-hot genre."

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    "Average is not good enough. Getting up there means you need to take risks, and part of that is being unique."

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    We can't watch the show, but we can all eat the Jamminator.

  • Breaking News

    umors had swirled among anti-immigration activists near a U.S. Border Patrol station in Southern California that the agency would try again to bus in some ...

  • Dining News

    Also, Giada is ready for lunch, and Downtown Grand's diner is adding Chinese to the menu.

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    “I have been featured on Madonna’s YouTube channel for six years, and it’s kind of fun to see her manager like my Instagram posts.”

  • Stage

    The Reynolds Foundation could provide SST with a $500,000 matching grant, a $1 million windfall that would go toward repairing facilities.

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    Giada’s menu reflects the dueling desires to accommodate all while staying true to how she likes to cook and eat.

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    When a writer finds four Chinese Nationalist medals laid out carefully on a Las Vegas street, he embarks on a search to find their owner.

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    The personal playlists of local nightlife staff.

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    And that incredible Chuck Liddell foam costume in the crowd.

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    Also, the World's Largest Bachelorette Party.