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UNLV sports

After the team's seriously successful season, perhaps Rebel fans should move the tailgate party back to campus next fall.

Tiny Shout-Out: UNLV men's soccer

November 19th, 2014

After the team's seriously successful season, perhaps Rebel fans should move the tailgate party back to campus next fall.

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    The Rebels welcome in eight new players, six of whom are eligible this season.

  • UNLV sportsFeatured

    The Rebels’ team changes each season, but this voice is the one constant.

  • UNLV sportsSportsFeatured

    For the first time ever, the Runnin' Rebels will run on Las Vegas Boulevard.

  • As We See It

    “It’s basically some really dedicated young ladies with a lot of drive who really want to represent our university in the highest light.”

  • Best of Vegas 2014SportsUNLV sports

    He already broke a UNLV single-season record with 14 receiving touchdowns. Now maybe he can lead the Rebels to consecutive bowl games for the first ...

  • UNLV sports

    The Rebels last won the crown in 2008—here are three keys to doing it again this season.

  • 14 to WatchFeaturedUNLV sports

    After a successful season, Rebel fans will be looking to Hauck for an encore next fall.

  • As We See It

    The son of Armenian immigrants, Jerry Tarkanian was urged by his stepfather to become a barber. His true calling, of course, was basketball.

  • As We See It

    Enjoy these dunks by Anthony Bennett; you might not get to see them anymore.

  • As We See It

    Offseason changes, storylines and questions come for every college basketball team. The Rebels just hoped theirs hadn’t come so soon. So what’s the team going ...

  • SportsUNLV sports

    The first eight notes are all you really need to hear. The tune is so unmistakable and tied to such a specific time of year ...

  • Kats Report

    Darrell Stubbs flew more than 11,000 combat missions in Vietnam. Today, he's workin' the Findlay blimp.

  • UNLV sports

    Get up to speed. Get ready to run with the Rebels.

  • As We See It

    Hey Reb gets dunked on, all in good fun.

  • Weekly Q&A

    "A lot of rodeo comes from the heart," says UNLV coach.

  • NewsUNLV sports

    Cost and location plans for a domed, 60,000-seat “mega-event” stadium on the UNLV campus are coming into sharper focus two months before a review by ...

  • As We See It

    Due to policy changes, UNLV tailgating parties are far less attended than before.

  • Kats Report

    Amid his long run as a UNLV assistant coach, Dave Rice was known as a great student -- and teacher -- of the game. Today, ...

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  • Dining

    Drop that baster! Make a reservation this Turkey Day.

  • Weekly Q&A

    "We’re always helping other people’s dreams come true, but we never had a chance to do any work on our own place."

  • MirageSteve WynnLas Vegas Strip

    Here’s a chilling thought, courtesy of the man who made it all possible: “Ask yourself, if there was no Mirage on the Strip, what would’ve ...

  • Fine Art

    "It's time to refresh the project, look at options of location and ensure that our communication about the project is more clear than it has ...

  • A&E

    Face-melting Turkey Day meals, carols with Liberace and a drive to the North Pole (Experience)—it's time to shake your holiday season up!

  • Incidental Tourist

    Annual checkup: The Downtown hotel and casino celebrated its one-year anniversary late last month.

  • MirageFeaturedLas Vegas Strip

    If you were there for the opening of the Mirage 25 years ago, Folk was probably the first person you met.

  • Dining

    Start with potato pancakes and save room for the rouladen.

  • Dining

    If you thought last year's Grand Banquet was amazing, wait until you see the sequel.

  • Reviews

    The Downtown stalwart has new owners, a new look and an exciting new Mexican menu.

  • As We See It

    The race packed 23 obstacles in a punishing 5-mile loop that runners completed over and over again for 24 hours straight.

  • As We See It

    Even professional exhibiting artists have sat down at the space, creating works that eventually went into gallery shows.

  • Hot Spots

    Also, a Rebel Pride edition of GBDC and Adore Delano at Piranha.

  • Nightlife

    A trio of seasonal sips at the hotel's crystal cocoon.

  • As We See It

    And the chicken fried steak tastes just as good.

  • Dining

    If you’re going to consume the acclaimed Alba white truffles, you should go all out. And November is the time.

  • Recipes

    Borrow these eclectic dishes to add something different to your turkey-day table.