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Get your shuffle on with this club-ready dance lesson

All the kids are doing it. The shuffle—a new dance based on old moves that’s become ubiquitous anywhere electronic dance music’s playing and some places where it’s not. We invited local hip-hop dancer Ricky “Freak” Barraza from Knucklehead Zoo and Super Cr3w to come to the office and give us a little lesson in what he calls the “running man on crack.” Throw on some party rock, practice these steps and you’ll be shufflin’ in no time.

The running man.

The running man: Raise your right knee with foot flexed, then step down as you slide your left leg back, so you end up in a slight lunge. Repeat by raising your left knee and sliding your right leg back. Gradually increase speed.

The side shuffle.

Side shuffle: Imagine heel-toeing to one side; this is your supporting leg. Lift your right knee, then kick it down and to the side so your foot ends up a few inches off the ground. When your knee goes up, your left leg faces forward. When you kick out, twist your left heel toward the other leg. Repeat on both sides, moving in the direction of the raised leg.

Feeling advanced? Connect your steps, returning to the running man before changing directions on your side shuffle. When you’re confident in your moves, head to Insert Coin(s), where fellow shufflers take over the dancefloor most weekend nights.

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