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Electric Daisy Carnival

Amp up your Electric Daisy Carnival intelligence with these tips

Festival-goers are shown during the third day of the Electric Daisy Carnival at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway early Monday morning, June 24, 2013.
Photo: Steve Marcus

Do pack a small cooler and leave it in your car. Fill it with water bottles, Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy Shots and some kind of edible sustenance. H2O and fuel will be crucial when you get back to the car after partying all night, and a godsend during the long drive still ahead of you.

Don't be an idiot and wear flip-flops. There’s no shortage of neon-hued sneakers now, so you can be fashionable and practical.

Do download Snapchat, which is providing WiFi for its app and the Insomniac app during the festival—and will probably help you find your friends between Avicii and Madeon.

Don't forget to stash hand sanitizer, disinfecting spray and/or wet wipes in your backpack. Your sweaty, shuffling self will become gross—as will the port-a-potties.

Do ride the Ferris wheel, preferably when you’re nearing complete exhaustion. The scenic ride (and reprieve for your feet) will feel magical.

Don't eat anything an hour before boarding anything that spins or drops. EDC is kaleidoscopic enough without your technicolor yawn.

Don't be the asshole that cuts in line and then quotes “PLUR” when someone confronts you.

Do talk to strangers. The crowd at EDC is freakishly nice. Go ahead and make some new friends.

Don't pre-party (or pool-party) too hardcore. Think of EDC as a marathon, not a sprint.

Do get decked out. This is one part dance festival, one part costume party, and you’ll have more fun in a tutu or bedazzled gas mask.

Don't let big-name DJs dominate your schedule Remember, they’re here the other 51 weeks.

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