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Electric Daisy Carnival 2014

[EDC 2014]

The best costumes of EDC Night 1

Photo: Claire Hart

Another year, another Electric Daisy Carnival, another neon-clad army of nearly naked dance fans showing off their middle-school art skills (and their abs) at the Speedway.

According to EDC producer Insomniac, Night 1 of the 2014 festival drew about 134,000 people. That's a lot of furry boots, bedazzled bras and kandi beads, but among the many rainbow-colored costumes, there were some standouts. Even amid the complete sensory overload that is EDC, these party people caught our eye:

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      Everything (and then some)

      There's no such thing as overkill at EDC. So go ahead, wear antlers, an entire Michael's worth of beads, a beaded gas mask, cartoon jewelry, a bow-tie, a purple wig and garters. Too much is not enough.

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      Candy girls

      Underwear overalls, ruffles and a show-stopping hair sculpture. Add to that impeccable makeup and a jeweled rainbow yarmulke (hello, dance party bar mitzvah) and we're totally sold.

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      Don't want to run into these two on a dark Ferris wheel.

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      The human body

      What? You forgot your full-body spandex rendering of the muscular system? How will we know where your gluteus maximus is?

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      Pot princess

      These days, you can wear your affinity for marijuana on your sleeve, but it's not every night you can wear it on your boobs, too.

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      This guy

      Because you always wondered what it would look like if Batman, Captain America and Jack from Jack in the Box went to EDC together.

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      That '70s guy

      That hair. That vest. Those pants. Those abs.

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