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Hot Spots

Also, a new Goth night at Velveteen Rabbit.

Hot Spots: Deadmau5 at XS, a Downtown beer fest and more

April 24th, 2014

Also, a new Goth night at Velveteen Rabbit.

  • Plus, a beer fest at Big Dog's and an al fresco wine walk. Drink up!

  • Also, make a mint julep at a Kentucky Derby-inspired cocktail class.

  • Also, beer and wine festivals. Time to get thirsty!

  • Plus, Girls Night Out at Insert Coin(s). That's right, dudes, a ladies night at an arcade.

  • Also, we say farewell to Palms' liquid brunch, GBDC.

  • Also, shave your head for charity at a St. Baldrick's bash.

  • Wanna be a DJ? There's a class you might want to check out...

  • Yes, you read that correctly: Pool party. Dig out those bikinis and board shorts!

  • Also, calling all local winos! Lee's puts on a Bordeaux tasting.

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